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Tom Kundig Collection

Black Tables


Designed by: Tom Kundig

A collection of steel tables and shelves, each with 180-degree hemmed edges, formed from heavy gauge hot-rolled plate on a 550 ton hydraulic press brake. Tool marks serve as evidence of the fabrication process, and variations in surface texture and color are part of the intrinsic nature of the industrial materials. Blackened & waxed over the mill finish.

Please contact us for pricing on the tables listed below.

Available in the following sizes:

Meeting Table: 3/8" plate, 144"w x 48"d x 30"h

Console Table: 3/8" plate, 108"w x 18"d x 27-3/4"h

Coffee Table: 5/16" plate, 62"w x 33"d x 14"h

Small Coffee Table: 5/16" plate, 47"w x 23"d x 16"h

Low Shelves: 5/16" plate, 54"w x 16-1/4"d x 24-1/4"h

Side Table: 5/16" plate, 22"w x 20"d x 20"h

Due to the size and weight of these tables they must be crated and shipped by freight carrier. The Black Tables are not available for online ordering.

Please contact us for ordering.

See spec sheet for information regarding product finishes and maintenance.

Download Spec Sheet

(photos by William Wright and Nikolas Koenig)


Please allow an estimated 6-8 weeks for fabrication. Once completed, your table will ship from our studio. Estimated production time is not guaranteed.

We offer refunds on unused merchandise minus a 25% restocking fee, excluding any shipping and handling costs. Accurate locks and Baton cyclinders are non-returnable. Items must be returned within 15 days of delivery in new condition and original packaging. Any damages that occurred during shipping must be reported within 5 days of delivery for a proper replacement or credit to be given. We are not able to offer refunds on custom orders.

Our products are fabricated and finished by hand; variations in size, shape, and patina color are a natural result of this process. Tooling marks and surface scratches are part of the character of many finished pieces. In particular, Tom Kundig’s Black series of folded steel tables, shelves, and desk have pronounced tool marks from the process of bending the steel, and variations in surface texture and color are part of the intrinsic nature of steel plate.

Our blackened steel and bronze products are sealed with oil and wax, which over time are not impervious to moisture. These finishes allow the metals to age naturally and develop their own character and patina through time and through use. They are essentially “live” finishes that breathe. Our blackened steel pieces installed outside, or in areas exposed to moisture indoors, especially in marine environments, will rust. Condensation from hot and cold drinks will leave rings on blackened steel table tops. Coasters or placemats can protect the finish. For a more durable exterior finish, or for interior kitchen and bath areas, we recommend the stainless steel, bronze, or powder coated steel finishes (if available). Steel hardware should not be installed with dissimilar metals; this may initiate galvanic action, and accelerate corrosion of the steel.

Periodic maintenance of blackened steel items may be required. For light cleaning, they can be wiped with a slightly damp rag, and buffed immediately with a dry cloth. Never use bleach, ammonia, or other aggressive household cleansers. Something very mild like diluted Dawn dishwashing liquid is OK. To maintain the original luster, the wax finish can be refreshed with a light application of Trewax or a similar carnauba paste wax, perhaps every six months or so, depending on location and level of use. For treatment of minor corrosion or surface rust, we recommend rubbing the affected area lightly with very fine Scotch Brite, and re-sealing with a lightly buffed coating of carnauba paste wax. Used aggressively, Scotch Brite or other abrasives may scratch or remove some of the blackened patina under the wax.