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Personal Work

3 Rings

Pacini Lubel Gallery
Seattle, WA

Metal rings with a single gemstone: universally familiar, but each uniquely personal. Here this common but most intimate form of jewelry is presented on a grand scale, using industrial materials, fasteners, and processes that we find in architectural construction and public art installations. Combining off-the-shelf building materials (concrete, structural steel, burlap) with more refined media (cast bronze, lead crystal, velvet upholstery), these sculptures demonstrate a sophisticated level of craftsmanship, while preserving the integrity of the raw materials and expressing the fabrication techniques used.

From "Interpretations: Jewelry by the Unexpected Artist", Pacini Lubel Gallery, 2006.

Mood Ring - Lead crystal gem with LED lighting, steel, velvet upholstery.

Bling Ring - Cast bronze gem (motorized), stainless steel, silicon bronze, faux mink upholstery.

Bucket Ring - Cast concrete gem, steel, burlap upholstery.

Dimensions: approx. 36"w x 60"h x 28"d each

Stephen Marks, artist

(photos by William Wright)