Personal Work

3 Rings

Pacini Lubel Gallery
Seattle, WA

Created for a show at Pacini Lubel Gallery, Interpretations: Jewelry by the Unexpected Artist, these sculptures are an exploration of a universally recognized form of jewelry—a ring with a single gemstone—on a grand scale, using the same industrial materials, fasteners, and processes that we use to build architectural metalwork. Combining “off the shelf” building materials (concrete, structural steel, burlap) with more refined media (cast bronze & lead crystal, velvet upholstery), the goal was to demonstrate a sophisticated level of craftsmanship, without being so polished that the viewer wouldn’t recognize the materials and fabrication techniques used.

Mood Ring (images 1-3) - Lead crystal “gem” with LED lighting, steel, velvet upholstery

Bling Ring (images 4-6) - Cast bronze “gem” (motorized), stainless steel, silicon bronze, faux mink upholstery

Bucket Ring (images 7-10) - Cast concrete “gem”, steel, burlap upholstery

Each sculpture approx. 60"h x 36"w x 28"d

Stephen Marks, artist

(photos by William Wright)